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Here You Go Dorks, Here's Your Goddamn FLAC for iPhones

Of course you won't be satisfied, you people are never satisfied.

by Phil Witmer
Jun 7 2017, 4:54pm

With the fall of and the total dominance of streaming, audiophiles have been deprived of any source for high-bitrate music files besides good old torrenting or Tidal, which... aaaah ha ha ha ha ha. These poor souls, who have chosen this life of misery for themselves, have had to resort to third-party apps for years to get their fix of lovely, lossless audio. Only the crispiest treble frequencies and richest mids will suffice (bass is for commoners). No file format provides these more reliably than FLAC, which is notably impossible to play on apps like iTunes that normal people use... until now.

Via a bunch of nerds on Reddit, Apple is apparently planning to introduce iPhone support for FLAC playback with the soon-to-come iOS 11. This means you can finally enjoy single FLAC files that are likely larger than entire MP3 albums on the go. Storage space? Bah. Who needs it when the quality is this good?

This brings up some good questions, though: what self-respecting audio snob even uses an iPhone anyways? Isn't Apple an evil corporate empire to these dudes? Android users have been able to play FLAC (with yet another third-party app) for years now, too, so what's even the point of trying to compete? Also can anyone actually tell the minute difference between 320 kbps MP3s and FLACs in the first place? Here's my take: listen to some absurdly high-res Phil Collins music to gouge your ears out with.

Phil just uses file converters because he has no time for this. He's on Twitter.

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