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2 Chainz Plays Wizard's Chess in "Trap Check" Video

The Tity Boi who lived.

by Phil Witmer
Jun 23 2017, 2:35pm

Pretty girls like trap music, but so do warlocks like 2 Chainz (2 Chainz is a warlock now). His latest visual from last week's opus Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is for "Trap Check." It has Chainz re-enacting what was easily the coolest scene from (*sighs*) the first Harry Potter movie, wherein the main characters take part in that life-size, life-or-death chess match.

In this case, because 2 Chainz balls out exceptionally hard, he's unaffected by the carnage happening on the playing field and simply lords over everything on a throne. It's an accurate metaphor for his status in the rap world, watching his ostensible competition tear each other apart while he's sitting pretty. Watch the "Trap Check" video above.

Phil is a Noisey staff writer. He's on Twitter.

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