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Trump learned how hard committing voter fraud actually is in this 2004 clip

by Olivia Becker
Nov 7 2016, 8:17am

Donald Trump, who continues to promote the myth that voter fraud is running rampant, has urged his supporters to keep an eye out for any shenanigans on Election Day. But Trump seems to have forgotten his firsthand experience with how hard it actually is to commit voter fraud.

On Election Day 2004, Trump appeared in a segment for Access Hollywood with his trusty sidekick Billy Bush. The duo scoured Manhattan for Trump’s polling location only to be turned away three separate times due to the same bureaucratic confusion that everyday Americans frequently face when trying to perform their civic duty.

“Do I have to go to a different place? Do me a favor, double-check,” Trump says in the video to a polling volunteer after being informed his name was not on the voter rolls.

Bush then chimes in with, “I’m calling my lawyer right now.”

When Trump is informed his actual polling place is located at 520 Park Ave., he says he likes it better because it’s “a much richer location” — but once there, Trump and Bush discover there’s a line.

“Your vote is one vote,” Bush helpfully tells another voter in line. “[Trump’s] vote is a giant vote.”

But alas, Trump is turned away a second time, so he and his entourage move to a third polling location.

“If his [Trump’s] name is not on these rolls, there will be a huge combustion in here,” Bush says to the camera.

Trump’s name was not on the rolls. (The mix-up was later attributed to an address change by Donald Trump Jr.)

In the end, Trump calls someone a “scumbag,” then fills out an absentee ballot in the limo ride back to Trump Tower. Bush laughs and claps.

“At least you can say, the Trumpster doesn’t give up,” Trump said. “You’ve got to vote.”

To avoid what Trump went through in 2004, find your polling location here.