We Talk About Impossible Challenges and Forever Games on Waypoint Radio

From 'No Man's Sky' to Rob's explorations in 'Thief,' these are the games that just keep drawing us back.

by Danielle Riendeau
Jan 12 2018, 10:51pm

Image courtesy Sony

We had a special treat this week at Waypoint HQ, with the whole team in town for meetings, streams, and this very podcast. So Patrick, Austin, Rob and I talked about “forever” games, thanks to two pieces Patrick wrote this week, on a Mario Maker Creator who has spent close to 2000 hours playing his almost-impossible creation, and on a Die Hard Desert Golf fan who found the elusive ending to his favorite game. We chat about our very own “forever” games, from the endless appeal of immersive sims to the promise of near-infinite space in No Man’s Sky, and Patrick gets a very special surprise at the end!

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