New York’s Pet Fashion Show Turns the Catwalk Into a Dog Walk

While most of the city's fashionistas were swooning at Fashion Week shows and after-parties, New York's pets gathered for their own take on couture. You won't find Chihuahuas at Calvin Klein.

by Amy Lombard
Feb 11 2017, 1:53pm

All photos by the author

We typically avoid Fashion Week: the snotty people, the crowds, the impractical and aggressively unaffordable clothes. But the New York Pet Fashion Show, held annually since 2003, is unlike any other fashion show in the city. Every year, pet owners bring their dogs (and the occasional lizard) to walk the runway in bedazzled costumes and the occasional elaborate crown. We sent photographer Amy Lombard to document this year's festivities, held at the Hotel Pennsylvania and benefiting The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. The theme was "Global Couture for Animal Rescue."

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