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VICE News Week In Review

It has been quite a week. Take a look back at some of the best articles from VICE News.

by VICE News
Apr 26 2014, 6:09pm

Photo by Frederick Paxton

It has been quite a week at VICE News. Take a look back at some of top stories:

‘I Had It Pretty Easy, Because I Was Let Go’: Simon Ostrovsky On His Detention in Sloviansk

VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky was kidnapped and held captive for three nights and three days in Sloviansk.

Obama's Balancing Act Is Shifting to Manage His Allies

President Obama's foreign policy has pivoted from making new friends to reassuring worried old ones.

Airbnb Will Probably Get You Evicted and Priced Out of the City

If you look at the economics of it, Airbnb is ruining your life. Or, at least, your chances at a lasting life in the city.

Gabriel García Márquez's Birthplace Pays Emotional Tribute to its Most Famous Son

As Aracataca remembered Gabriel García Márquez it rained for the first time in eight months, taken by locals as a heavenly sign.

The US Military Is Headed to Ukraine — but Only for Some Exercise

A joint military exercise is a relatively mundane and common occurrence. But when it's taking place in Ukraine, the stakes are far greater.

China’s Toxic Soil, Air Pollution, and Dead Animals Prompt Environmental Reform

The National People’s Congress is considering whether to amend the country’s environmental protection law for the first time in 25 years.

Inside the Autonomous Mexican Community That Ejected Drug Cartels

Three years ago residents of Cherán, tired of the narco-violence and illegal logging, rose up in arms to reclaim their community.

China Is Shutting Down Porn Websites En Masse

Authorities in China are using a crackdown to flex their authoritative muscle and set an example that they are monitoring the web.

The Story Behind Every Pothead's Favorite Number: 420

Once in the hands of the subversive stoner community, the number 420 began to find its way into all kinds of places.

Korean Thunderdome, Part 3: The War That Never Ends

South Korea, North Korea, the US, and China have all spent decades preparing for a new Korean War. And every contingency is awful.