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Rico Nasty and CupcakKe Are a Dynamic Duo on the "Smack a Bitch" Remix

A song that Rico Nasty teased in March is finally here.

by Lawrence Burney
May 3 2018, 2:32pm

The joy of listening to Rico Nasty is taking in her ability to seamlessly switch gears at any moment. She goes from melodic to celebratory to fully amped quite regularly and she's equally effective at each approach. On the fully amped side of things, the Maryland rapper's "Smack a Bitch" track from January is one of her best efforts. As that song quickly became one of her most popular, she teased out a remix with CupcakKe back in March and now that collaboration is available for our listening pleasure. On the track, CupcakKe matches Rico's intensity and, at one point, threatens to smack someone in the head with a Lunchables. Listen to the song below.

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