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King Princess' New Track "Talia" Is an Extension of Her Big Bedroom Pop

It follows "1950," the new Brooklyn artist's breakout song which felt huge and tiny, all at once.

by Lauren O'Neill
Apr 13 2018, 12:43pm

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Magnitude and bedroom pop don't tend to be two things that you'd initially put together: the sub-genre is generally characterised by its shyness from some of the more sweeping, bombastic elements of the mainstream, in favour of the sort of introspection that might have more in common with indie rock. One new act, however, is finding her footing between those two seemingly disparate parts, and she's been pretty successful so far.

King Princess, from Brooklyn, New York, came out swinging with her first single "1950," which had the feel of a private ~bedroom guitar pop~ confessional (and its video indulged in the fuzzy, home video style of the sub-genre, also recently touted by acts like Boy Pablo and, on the rockier side, Pip Blom and Soccer Mommy), though it was also tightly melodious and sonically lush. It was a smart way to combine a style that's popping right now with something ambitious, and the song is elevated by the fact King Princess has traditionally radio-friendly vocal chops to back up her songwriting.

Today she's expanded what she started on "1950," with a new loosie, "Talia," which you can hear above. Lyrically it feels cavernous, like both digging into the past and digging yourself out of it, and, as it combines that emotional depth with classically pretty vocals and the same Tumblr-tinted look, it's a good stopgap between "1950" and whatever the next sprinkle-of-magic single from King Princess will be.

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