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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, January 2019

Welcome to Capricorn season, Cancer!

by Annabel Gat
Dec 28 2018, 5:13pm

Illustration by Amanda Lanzone

Capricorn season finds your focus solidly on your relationships, Cancer. Capricorn is a mature, responsible sign—that has a devilish side! Which is exactly what you look for in your partners: a lusty spirit who is also supportive and hardworking. Commitment is a big topic on January 2, when the sun meets with Saturn, but do watch out for some grouchy behavior! (Mercury also meets with Saturn on January 13, another key date for the beginning of new commitments.) On January 4, the sun connects with Neptune, finding you and your partners feeling empathetic toward each other—it’s a softer time for communication than when Saturn’s energy was in the air! Conversations about your beliefs, ideals, and visions for the future will be shared. Mercury, the planet of the mind, enters Capricorn on January 4, which will keep the flow of communication going between you and your partners.

There are two eclipses this month, the first being the solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5, which brings a massive fresh start to you relationships—but it won’t be easy. Eclipses are emotional and exhausting, and in stoic earth sign Capricorn, this eclipse may find us crying buckets of tears while needing to get ourselves “together” very quickly. People might try to keep a brave face—we’ll see how that works out! Emotions are ruled by the water element, and trying to bottle up an ocean just isn’t a great idea. But this is an eclipse in an earth sign: a mountain climbing sea goat. Its fish tail tells us that Capricorn knows a thing or two about emotions and oceans, but its cloven hooved front speaks to climbing up dry, rocky peaks. This doesn't mean leaving emotions behind, but transcending and rising above past pain—this is a process that takes time, and this eclipse is a crucial turning point to rise above whatever it is you’re working on, especially in regard to relationships. The solar eclipse wipes the slate clean, which may mean that some relationships will need to be let go, but eclipses also bring us to our future—new relationships will come your way, too. You can’t see what’s coming ahead, which is partially what makes this such a stressful time. Don’t push partners to open up to you—it could blow up in your face or create firmer walls between you and others. Just watch how things are going and if over the next few weeks, you don’t see a shift in communication—concerning boundaries, plans, commitments, and emotions—decide what you want to do based on how you feel, and not the promises your partners make.

Unexpected news concerning your work arrives on January 4, when Mercury connects with Uranus, but eureka moments are had, too. Uranus ends its retrograde on January 6, bringing about unexpected shifts in your career—even some overnight success! You’re itching to do your own thing, and having autonomy in your career is so crucial to you—you just can’t have your bosses breathing down your back or micromanaging you. You’re also realizing how important it is for you to be seen as an innovator and a pioneer. You’re especially energized to make your mark on the world in your own weird and wonderful way on January 18 and January 23, when the sun, and then Mercury, square off with Uranus. Unexpected partnerships—in business or in romance—may arrive, too. Anyone who is holding you back from doing your own thing will have to be cut from your life. Astrologers usually say that you, Cancer, are the one who has a hard time letting go of the past, but with Uranus’s influence this month, you’re embracing the future.

Venus enters Sagittarius on January 7, bringing good vibes to your day job and putting you in a cheerful mood as you do your chores. Expect to run into cuties as you run your errands! This is a wonderful time to edit your closet or give yourself a spa treatment. Just watch out for combative communication on January 7, when Mercury squares off with Mars. A hugely passionate day this month is January 11—expect to learn a great deal about your partners. Big transformations in your relationships are already on the way, thanks to the solar eclipse, but the sun's meeting with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, brings an extra dash of transformative energy. Mercury also meets with Pluto on January 18, when secrets are shared and you meet with exciting and powerful people. Also on this day, Venus connects with Mars, creating a cheerful and proactive energy at work.

Jupiter clashes with Neptune on January 13 for the first of three times this year: Many exciting career opportunities come your way this month, but you'll have to be very mindful about over-planning or making promises you can’t keep. It's important that you keep in mind that everyone has different beliefs and backgrounds, and avoid coming up with a schedule that’s impossible for you to maintain. That said, some very creative conversations come when Mercury connects with Neptune on January 14—just don’t believe everything you hear!

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The sun enters Aquarius on January 20, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules sex, death, and taxes—this is an intense season for you, for sure! Be careful of over-idealization as Venus squares Neptune on January 20—again, no promises you can’t keep. That said, a whirlwind journey may arrive. Just be sure that you’re clear on the itinerary.

The lunar eclipse (and super moon!) on January 21 in Leo brings a major climax to your financial situation. Leo is the sign of royalty…but you’re not asking to have people bow in respect when you pass by, you’re simply asking to get paid what you are worth, and to have your time and energy respected. This eclipse will shake things up—and it could be stressful, but in the end, it’s all so that you’re getting what you’re worth.

On January 21, aggressive Mars squares serious Saturn, so watch out for some obstacles around getting things accomplished. Don’t plan on doing anything important at work or in your relationships, as many efforts will feel especially arduous. This is definitely not the time to pick a fight with your boss. But sweet energy flows when Venus meets Jupiter on January 22, making for a wonderful time to reorganize your workspace or your home, and to do anything that makes you feel beautiful!

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 24, bringing some uncomfortable or awkward situation up for discussion—but deep emotions could be shared, too! Interesting news is sure to come your way. Things flow more easily at work when Mars connects with Jupiter on January 25, and the sun meets Mercury on January 29 to bring a very important perspective on a financial situation concerning cash, debts, taxes, or inheritances—or on an emotional level, more information about your partners and their values and emotions. The month wraps up with Saturn connecting with Neptune on January 31, creating a very supportive and empathetic energy in your relationships—a wonderful way to end a month that began with an emotional eclipse affecting your partnerships. Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in February!

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