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Leikeli47's Tiny Desk Concert Is a Really Great Jazz Show

The Brooklyn rapper and her four-piece band performed the jazz rendition of 'Acrylic' you didn't know you needed.

by Kristin Corry
Mar 11 2019, 4:02pm

Screenshot from NPR's Tiny Desk

By now, you've probably watched a ton of NPR Tiny Desk Concerts but you've probably never seen anyone perform one in a pink mask. But what else could you expect from Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47, the mask is what makes her feel invincible. Last November, she released her sophomore album Acrylic, a concept album around the long, extravagant nails sported by the black women she grew up around. Now, she's giving the vibrant album a jazzy facelift with the help of her four-piece band, the TSA band (yes, they're dressed like actual TSA agents). In a 17-minute performance, she opens with Wash & Set's "Attitude" changing the "Kelis is God, so is Beyoncé" breakdown to rely heavily on the keys, bass, and drums behind her. Leikeli sings a sultry duet ("Let's Get Stoned") with Portier, who plays the keyboard, just before launching into the higher energy of "Girl Blunt." The entire set is a testament that Leikeli's music doesn't really fit into one genre. It can be transformed any way she pleases.

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