19 Simple Recipes That Only Need 6 Ingredients or Fewer


Jan 24 2019, 9:15pm

Photo by Heami Lee. 

Why do some of the dishes that seem the most simple, the most rustic, actually require a list of ingredients as long as the phone book? (Heh, remember phone books?) A rustic French peasant dish, like cassoulet, seems like it shouldn’t require you to gather dozens of ingredients to pull it off. Isn’t that shit supposed to be born out of just using up whatever you happen to have lying around? If I’ve gotta go to three different grocery stores to get all the right things just to make dinner, that’s too many ingredients. Here are a few recipes from the MUNCHIES archives that you can pull off with six ingredients or fewer—and get out of the grocery store by taking advantage of the 10 Items or Less [sic] lane. (Full disclosure: we’re considering things like oil, butter, salt, and pepper to be things that a mildly competent home cook generally keeps stocked in their pantry anyway, but if you are less competent, well, then, these are still at least 10 ingredients or fewer and that ain’t bad either.)

Crisp, fried sage atop a tender artichoke heart, all wrapped up in spicy soppressata and sprinkled with parmesan and lemon zest—the party appetizer of our dreams.

Use any small spicy red pepper you prefer, at the heat level of your choice, for a quick and extremely flavorful homemade condiment.

These salmon pancakes take just five main ingredients to pull together, plus one extra (mayo) to make a dipping sauce.

We’re pretty massive fans of this recipe here at MUNCHIES at the moment, and we want to pull you all into the baked-bacon-and-egg cult, too.

This carbonara gets an extra hit of umami from a dash of soy sauce, but if you keep it more traditional, all you really need are egg yolks, guanciale, pasta, and grated cheese.

Something “cured” sounds like it should take a long time before it’s ready to be eaten, doesn’t it? But these eggs taste great after just an hour and a half, but you can wait up to three days for maximum potency.

Look, we know this looks like something that was the brainchild of a five year old or else someone just really, really stoned, but it’s remarkably tasty, and takes just 10 minutes.

Perfect for brunch, or a better-than-your-average desk lunch.

Wouldn’t you think the not-at-all-natural shape of a stick of string cheese would have to be the creation of mad food scientists employing untold forms of chemical fuckery? Turns out, it's pretty damn easy to make them yourself with just curds and salt!

These absolutely perfect scones from pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz are delightful as either breakfast or dessert. Or a mid-afternoon snack.

Use this curd to top the scones above, or maybe a pavlova for a bright dessert in the midst of dreary winter.

All right, this recipe isn’t so much a “recipe” as it is an explanation of technique, but still—you can be on your way to a delicious roast chicken dinner with just a bird and some salt! No need to mess with the classics.

Avocado toast is boring. Toad in the hole toast with avocado? De-fucking-lightful.

Steak scraps + good bread + condiments of your choice + herbs + salty cheese = lunch, done.

Five ingredients create a delicious and simple main course in just 12 minutes. What excuse do you have to not cook dinner tonight?

When Jess Shadbolt and Clare de Boer from New York’s King restaurant have saltimbocca on their menu, it’s usually a bird that’s a little fancier than chicken, but this version is perfect in its simplicity.

Slather this chicken liver mousse on toast with cucumbers for a light lunch, or serve it with crostini as a party snack.

Japanese eggplant hold their shape and texture a little better when stir fried, but if you can only get your hands on Italian, those’ll work fine, too.

Don’t skip the matzoh meal and a bit of schmaltz in these latkes for a richer taste. And of course, don’t forget to serve with plenty of applesauce and sour cream.