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Turns Out Flipp Dinero Has Never Played Fortnite

In this episode of 'The People Vs.,' the Brooklyn rapper is laughing at all of your weak jokes under the comment section for "Leave Me Alone."

by Noisey Staff
Mar 7 2019, 7:26pm

Sometimes, you just want to be left alone. Brooklyn's Flipp Dinero gets it. He even has a whole anthem,"Leave Me Alone," dedicated to the cause. But this is the internet! No one gets privacy or peace of mind on here, which is why we decided to introduced Flipp to the masses yelling in the YouTube comment section of his single. In the latest episode of Noisey's The People Vs., Flipp is doing you all a favor by laughing at the jokes you thought he'd never see. Some of the jokes were completely mid, others were completely wrong like, "When your girl tells you she's pregnant AGAIN!" The most shocking revelation though, is that Flipp's never played Fortnite. Huh? We've got to fix that, Flipp. Watch the entire video of the wisecracks above.

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