Meet OKFocus

OKFocus, the creative design agency that counts artists Ryder Ripps, Jonathan Vingiano, and Jules Laplace as its members, likes to take the path less trodden when it comes to website design. This is newly reinforced in their latest project, an alpha-channel video experiment for the Tanlines track "Not The Same" (works best in Chrome).

The site was developed as a companion piece to the Tanlines-directed music video for "Not the same," where multiple Jesse Cohens and Eric Emms perform the various instrumental and vocal parts on the track in a white room. The website version lets users drag and drop Cohens and Emms in the scene, positioning them as you like and stretching them beyond their aspect ratio (if the OCD part of you can handle it). The ingenious design mimics the Photoshop interface, with the familiar "Layers and Tool" bar from everyone's favorite graphics-editing software. You can also change the background to outer space, Stonehenge, FishCam, and images from dump.fm and add or delete the performers (thus turning off their instrumental parts) using the Layers tool.

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