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Here's Nina Las Vegas's Guide to Perth

This Triple J maven headed to Western Australia, where she interviewed some local talents and threw a big ol' party.

by Nina Las Vegas
Mar 12 2014, 11:00pm

When she's not getting surprise married to Hudson Mohawke or working with Diplo's Heaps Decent (a music program for disadvantaged youth Down Under), Nina Las Vegas is busy making sure she's Australia's most beloved household name. A favorite radio presenter on national station Triple J and a wicked DJ who has headlined Stereosonic and Big Day Out (among many other festivals), we wouldn't be surprised if NLV's name soon became more recognizable than Vegemite.

This month, Nina is touring Australia with heaps of up-and-coming producers that she's handpicked for her NLV Presents tour. Last week, she gave us some words and pictures about her show in Adelaide and this week, she composed her own guide to the Aussie city of Perth.

As told to us by Nina Las Vegas:

Perth has always had its own thing going. It's far away from the rest of the capital cities, so it's no surprise that its independent music scene is one of the biggest in Australia.

Two new players in the game are producers Sable and Sid Pattni, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview them both—you can see the clips below. Sable is signed to Perth label Pilerats, and he incorporates a vocoder in his live sets. At the Perth gig, he played his own tracks from his Feels So Good EP, plus some jersey edits and remixes, so his set was filled with bass-heavy energy. Plus, he can really move behind his set up, which is always great to watch!

Sid Pattni is still working out his live act. He showed us how well he can play when he added a vocalist and keytar to his hour at the Perth NLV Presents. Literally, the dude has chops! He also puts music out via Pilerats, and his more recent productions are incredibly soulful, which shows off his classically-trained music brain.

Sable and Sid were the first to play, and they quickly filled the venue, Capital. Prior to the party, they filled us in on all the Perth gossip during our crew dinner at a Japanese spot near the club. We mostly discussed the New York Times article that raves and RAVES about the city.

Although we had a few good laughs at the writer's effusive love for Perth, I do agree that it's a good town. Parties there are rarely bad, and ours was awesome. Perthians appreciate new music, and they're happy to kick on until the music stops. That night, we had a full room from Sable and Sid's sets right though to Motez's appearance, my own set, and a performance by LDRU.

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