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Who Has the Hottest Hot-tastic Sexy DJ Body?

Channing who? What’s a Beckham? The hunkiest studs are all DJs!

by TMP Staff
Sep 22 2014, 7:20pm

DJs haven't always been the center of attention. As little as ten years ago, rave fans spent more time dancing with each other than staring at the body on stage. But let's be real, DJs were not as hot then as they are now! Today's EDM serves mouth-watering man meat, and with hunks like these on the decks, it's a wonder anything gets done at all.

Calvin Harris

Not even a bucket of ice water can put out the fire this short video sparked in our hearts. And by hearts, we mean loins. Why does Calvin Harris ever wear shirts? No, really. Just throw all your shirts away, pls.


Word on the street is this twerk-worthy beat blaster is canoodling around town with Katy Perry, but that doesn't mean we can't daydream about expressing ourselves all over EDM's hunkiest white boy.


He might be closer to our parents' age than ours, but something about this dancefloor classic makes us want to put on the "Red Lights." He can turn our bedroom into the mainstage whether we're "Wasted" or not.

Martin Garrix

Just a heads up for all you cougars, this chart-topping upstart is officially legal. How long until he matures into the bad-boy stage?

Daft Punk

Take it from John Lennon, if someone is hard to see, they must be good looking. Whatever's going on under those robot suits, we bet it's bang-tastic. We'll give you futuristic Frenchies something to RAM.

Seth Troxler

It takes a lot of balls to promote yourself in the buff, and thanks to this clever campaign, we know exactly how much balls Seth Troxler is packing. Oh, we're coming to Eastern Electrics. Wherever you are, we'll follow.

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