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Lockah Bootlegged Himself and It's Rad

The Jeffree's, OWSLA, Donky Pitch and Tuff Wax producer looks back

by Jemayel Khawaja
Aug 13 2014, 5:00pm

Lockah's got the moves. That's old news. But now the leftist Brighton-via-Aberdeen producer's turning old news into new news by updating early work. On the re-work of his 2012 "The Sour Drink From the Ocean," Lockah's turned down the svdboy vibes ever so slightly and cranked up the beat. The result sounds like ghetto tech for smurfs out on the lash. Obviously, we're down.

"Back when I wrote the original, I was really finding my feet technically and creatively," Lockah tells THUMP. "By this point, I've learned so much about production that I'm more relaxed with my approach to making music. Things come so much more naturally now."

Jeffree's, OWSLA, Donky Pitch, his own Tuff Wax: Lockah's bounced around some of the most respected labels in operation. It's by design."I try to keep things moving with every release and I never reactively produce with a sound in mind," he says. "Trends change way too quickly these days and the less time you spend worrying about pleasing other people, the greater the chance you have of making something interesting."

Lockah's move from Aberdeen all the way down to the dutty south of the UK, Brighton, isn't an oft-trodden path, but might have something to do with his comfort in contrarianism. "Weirdly, being in such a small and poorly connected place seemed like an initial stepping stone, since people were taken aback by what myself and the other Tuff Wax crew were capable of."

He's still got love for Granite City, though:"The best thing about Brighton is how much it reminds me of home - being near the sea, being able to walk around, and never being far from good food."

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