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Turn Your Favorite Website Into A Playable 3D Maze With World Wide Maze

Magically turn your smartphone into a handheld controller to navigate a 3D maze version of your favorite website.

by Nicole Disser
Mar 27 2013, 1:00pm

A rad new game from Google Chrome Experiments synchs up your computer’s Chrome browser with your smartphone to create a multi-platform coordinated 3D maze. The game, called World Wide Maze, turns any website into a playable game where you navigate a ball around a series of courses.

So how does it work? Visit the game’s site on any computer and connect with your smartphone. There are three different ways to achieve this, the simplest appears to be plugging in the URL “” to your phone and typing in a code. Once you’ve done this, plug in the URL of any website on your computer’s Chrome browser—the more visually stimulating, the better.

Suddenly a multi-layered maze will pop up on your computer screen, and your phone will transform into a handheld controller. The website of your choice morphs into a colorful 3D maze.

You can play by guiding the ball that appears on your computer screen through the maze via your smartphone. Tilt and jump your way along the trail of glowing blue spheres that wind through a cavernous 3D version of your favorite website.