Trojan Rocking Horse Sculpture Created Using Computer Keys

<p>Artist Babis Cloud has found a great use for all those old keyboard buttons.</p>

Oct 3 2012, 1:40pm

No matter how carefully you look after your keyboard, which is probably not very carefully at all, you’re always going to lose a few keys. It’s inevitable, the same way it’s inevitable that it’ll always be a key you really need, like the “e” button. But once it’s off, provided you don’t lose it, you could always try and stick it back on. Or you could just rip out all the other keys, along with those from your friends’ computers, and build yourself a Trojan rocking horse.

Yep, that’s definitely the best thing to do, just like artist Babis Cloud with his HedonIsM(y) Trojaner. Using recycled resin, computer keys, and recycled computer cable, he’s created a tiled homage to this legendary malware in the"color shades of ivory-white to yellow-nicotine".

And, of course, it references the equine of mythology that hid the Greeks who deceitfully hijacked the ancient city of Troy, much like the internet deceitfully hijacks most of your working day.

Images: Babis Cloud

[via designboom]


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