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Here Is a Big Ol' Boeing Dreamliner Flying Like a Fighter Jet

Look at it go.

by Brian Anderson
Jul 16 2014, 4:57pm

Looks can be deceiving. Just check out this hulking Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner climb, bank, and otherwise behave in a jet fighter-like fashion over this year's Farnborough International Air Show.

That's not the sort of agility and pick up you'd expect from a hulking piece of machinery capable of transporting 280-plus passengers over 8,000 nautical miles, is it?

OK, so it might not be doing barrel rolls. But it's a clear demonstration of the elegant maneuverability that's baked into the raw power of a big-ass airplane like the new 787-9. I suppose the rough equivalent would be something like a seven-story cruise ship doing wavy hairpin splices like a souped-up Navy SEALs go-fast boat. And that's just not happening. Not anytime soon, at least. 

Seriously, check out that touch 'n go at around the 4:30 mark. Not bad for a big 'ol airship. Look at it go! In the words of the airfield announcer: "That is graceful." Until, of course, the geese show up