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Alibaba Has a New Plan to Familiarize Itself to Westerners

Alibaba is trying to demystify itself for a global audience.

by Yiwei Tian
Oct 9 2015, 7:06pm

Image: Charles Chan/Flickr

While Jack Ma and his e-commerce site Alibaba are already household names to people in China, the company in undertaking a new effort called Alibaba Defined to help outside of its home country better understand what the e-commerce platform is all about.

Last September, Alibaba's market value was estimated around $231 billion following the biggest IPO in history. However, its value has since declined significantly, down to $145 billion in September as a result of the sagging Chinese economy.

The four core sections of Alibaba Defined are:

Intro to Alibaba: Where Jack Ma and Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang read and answer letters from shareholders and go over their year in review.

China Context: A view of modern China in a cultural and economic content, the thinking being that your overall views of China may influence how you think about Alibaba.

The Alibaba Experience: Chinese buyers and sellers describe their experiences in using the e-commerce platform.

Founded in China, Created for the World: Here, the company explains how it's building its e-commerce infrastructure to help people in areas outside of China.