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Richie Hawtin Abandoning Traditional Set-up for New Unrestrained Stage Show

The new set up will premiere next weekend during Coachella.

by Britt Julious
Apr 8 2017, 4:39pm

No one electronic music performer is like the other, but the same can't be said for their often-repetitive stage shows. Richie Hawtin aims to break that cycle.

Hawtin will debut a new, 75-minute stage show, "Close — Spontaneity & Synchronicity," next weekend during Coachella. According to the Los Angeles Times, Hawtin will not perform behind a control station. Instead, he will be, "untethered, free to roam the stage as he mixes and creates."

"How can I bring people closer to what I'm doing? How can I make them feel that they understand how I play my instruments?" Hawtin said to the paper.

A Facebook event for the performance expands on this idea. "The show … explores the relationship between human creativity and the innovative technologies that enable the freedom of improvisation," the event page noted.

Hawtin aims to make audiences understand how he creates his music and to "disabuse skeptics." In addition to abandoning the traditional control board, the show will include cameras directed at Hawtin to create representations of his on-stage mixing in real time.

After the Coachella premiere, Hawtin will take the show to a number of different music festivals this spring and summer, including Movement, Primavera Sound and Melt.

Watch a preview for "CLOSE - Spontaneity & Synchronicity" below. In February, we named Hawtin's Cage (performed in as Plastikman) one of the coolest live setups of all-time.

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