A Year of Lil Wayne: The F Is for Fascinate

Here's Lil Wayne rapping on Future's "Racks."

by Kyle Kramer
Jan 17 2017, 11:17pm

Day 120: "Racks" – Sorry 4 Tha Wait, 2011

The F in Weezy F. Baby has stood for many things in its day. Has it ever stood for Future? I'm not sure, although Future—who, let the record show, I love—definitely owes a debt to Wayne for the popularization of Auto-Tuned melodies and sing-rapping about love. And Wayne, in turn, saw the appeal of Future right away, rapping on "Racks," Future's first hit, as soon as the opportunity presented itself. And what an opportunity! OK, it's maybe not Wayne's greatest rapping, and there's a Donald Trump reference that has aged poorly, but it does have a great Weezy F. Baby punchline: "I don't front, no fabricate / I get high I gravitate / Weezy F. Baby, bitch / the 'F' is for fascinate."

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