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This Is What the Urban Dictionary Looks Like on Google Images

It's all sorts of weird.
January 16, 2013, 2:00pm

Urban Dictionary and Google Images, a killer combination. Above, the first Google Image result for "killer combination."

Earlier this year, British artists Ben West and Felix Heyes designed a pretty dope Google Images dictionary titled, simply, Google. The idea behind the 1,200-plus-page book was simple: Design some software to select and save the first Google Images result for every single word in the Oxford English Dictionary, then print it in a big, beautiful book.

The results range from the banal to the insightful, the anodyne to the outrageous. Because, as we all know, Google Images can be extremely helpful (especially for bloggers who need to steal other people’s work to illustrate their stories), but not always. Sometimes the results are as worthless as online image copyright.

But you know what’s way more fun than the stuffy ol’ OED? The Urban Dictionary. Motherboard thought it might be fun to put together a micro-version of West’s book by selecting the first Google Images result for one Urban Dictionary term per letter of the alphabet.* Along with that image, we’ve included Urban Dictionary’s top definition—a.k.a., the one that got the most votes. Sometimes there was complete disunity between text and image (e.g. “gasoc”); but sometimes that disunity was funny (see “kibbles and bits”). I would like to think that, in some ways, it presents an even more accurate snapshot of today’s ever enweirdening culture than West and Heyes' book does.

And in that spirit, I just made up the word enweirdening (verb infinitive: “to enweirden,” i.e., to make weirder). Let’s see if it sticks.

Aluminum Digger

Image by DonteGalloway

A term coined by GloZell from Youtube (glozell1), meaning a younger girl who is too young to be a gold digger (a woman who preys on men for their money), and has yet to move up the metal scheme.

Baby Phat

Image via FanPop

Branch of phat farm created for woman by kimora lee simmons

check out dis baby phat shirt


Photo by Alissa Walker, via Flickr

Frankenword combining “chimp” (in reference to George W. Bush, aka Chimpy McFlightsuit) and “impeachment.”

If a chimpeachment were to occur, GWB would be charged “with improper conduct in office before a proper tribunal,” and possibly thrown out of office.

50% of Americans Support Chimpeachment

Nothing changes unless we remove the chimp. Chimpeachment is the only answer to saving this nation from the thugs of the KKKarl Rove administration.


Image via Facebook

The unique and popular term for the biggest group of supporters of the Philippines' phenomenal loveteam on and offscreen - DONGYAN Dingdong Dantes and Marian Gracia-Dantes (Rivera). Originated at PinoyExchange during the couple's first tv soap opera, Marimar, and still going strong despite the couple having separate tv projects.

Among Dingdong Dantes' favorite possessions is a DVD compilation of videos of him & reel/real-life partner Marian Rivera made by their dedicated group of supporters, the Dongyanatics.


Image via YouTube

An 'Erzmeister' is a master (hence Meister) at transferring score or rating in games, usually because it is the only way the Erzmeister in question can achieve anything in that game.

It also has to be remarked that the Erzmeister can and will deny his illegal and sad actions in public, but is likely to confess it to a few individuals, in private.

Because of his / her / its actions, an Erzmeister is often hated by legit players.

- Wow that guy has a rating of over 9000!

- Dude, he's an Erzmeister

- Oh, sad!


Image via Photobucket

Originating (presumably) on the World of Warcraft forums, this is an essentially derogatory concept some people employ that means that all that a certain class must do in order to achieve success in the game is to bind every key on their keyboard to one ability that is perceived to be overpowered, and then continue to roll their face across the keyboard. The notion is that this one ability is so amazingly overpowered in relation to those of other classes, all one has to do is absently spam it as much as possible (and they might as well do it with their face, because there isn't any other use for the big stupid thing on top of their shoulders).

Priest: waah waah I'm a little bitch

Warrior: Oh stfu -

1) bind every key on your keyboard to Flash Heal

2) faceroll


Image via Georgia System Operations Corporation

Verb: The act of “Going Ape-Shit On Cunt!”

All these whores at the club are making me want to gasoc!


Image via Good Gamery

1. A hurricane that is so big that it strikes horror in the lives of all that are in its path; 2. a hurricane that occurred in 2012 around Halloween and nearly wiped out the entire eastern seaboard ; 3. a synonym for Hurricane Sandy; 4. a post-tropical cyclone that mixes with a Nor'Easter (and a full moon) that truly earned the title “Storm Of The Century.”

I was going to take the train uptown to see my girl, but the subway tunnel is underwater because of that damn horrorcane.

Hurricane just seems so inadequate; it's more like a "horrorcane".

Hurry up! We gotta evacuate the city; there's a horrorcane up our asses.

And you thought Katrina was bad? Sandy is an even bigger bitch; talk about a horrorcane.

In Soviet Russia

Image via Lulz.xerq

Originated with Cold War comic genius Yakov Smirnoff.

In America, you can always find a party. In Soviet Russia, party always finds you.–Yakov Smirnoff

Popular on slashdot, appearances on Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama.

In America, you watch television. In Soviet Russia, television watches you.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Image via True Achievements

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a series of Manga that revolves over a family who have a Jo in the first name and Jo in the last. Craziness ensues. Also, vampires, steamrollers, and magic guardians.

Dio Brando: So, Jotaro. I finally figured out a way to kill you!


Your death will be more gruesome than Joseph's!


That's Basically how part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure went down.

Kibbles and Bits

Image via Mom’s Couponmatic

Poop trapped in one's ass and discovered while fingering or fucking someone.

Damn, his ass had all kinds of kibbles and bits when I fingered his hole.


Image via Jon Luvelli

Songwriter, rapper that has helped out alot of independent rap artists. aka Jon Luvelli. A rapper himself that refuses to release tracks to any major label, but is said to have hundreds of tracks. Known in for the tracks “Sorry Homie aka Sorry I fucked your bitch,” “Pimpin Ain't Easy,” “Take Dat,” and song forced on him by record label politics “Mamacita,” and a few more, which he refused to support and only did one take on the song.

Also ran an adult magazine called “Swingers.” Claims Cali, Arizona and Missouri as his homes.

“always though she was lookin at me with some x-ray wishes just ta peep da LD, didn't wanna show ‘er U.S. GRADE A Beef, otherwise she'd be all ova me”.. excerpt from the song “Sorry Homie”


Image via Wikipedia

“A place where people eat a lot, get fat, and then sue to get money.

I ate at McDonalds everyday for 7 years and now I weigh 500 pounds, so I'm gonna sue them to make some cash.


Image via eBaum’s World

People who annoy you.

Ohh. Naggers, of course. Naggers. Right.


Image via Rural Heritage

A fat woman's camel toe.

Yo, check out that lady's ox-hoof.

Nasty dude, that chick's got an ox-hoof.

Pimp Steak

Image via Hand to Mouth

A hot dog, sold by a vendor with a licensed cart of some kind. The kind of thing folks on a budget eat after a night at the club.

Man, I'm hungry, but broke! Let's find a vendor and get a pimp steak.


Image via White Pages Names

Someone or something that is odd, strange, or wierd

When the boy died his hair maroon everyone called him quimbly

Raptor Jesus

Image via Uncyclopedia

Nowhere in the bible does it say that Jesus isn’t a raptor.

Lawl im in your base killing all your mans. —Raptor Jesus


Per Google Images:

Did you mean: spickett?

No results containing all your search terms were found.

Your search - spinckett - did not match any image results.


The ability to sexually please anything and everything.

Girl: WOW; What a Spinckett! I havent been so sexually pleased in years!

Girl's cat: OMG Yes! I was all wet from just watching!

Terrance and Phillip

Image via AR15

2 farting, flapping Canadians who look and sound funny.They are very popular in South Park.

Say Terrance, what did the Spanish priest say to the Iranian gynaecologist?

"I don't know Phillip, what?



Urban Champion

Image via Wikipedia

A videogame on the NES. Two men would basically fight on the streets until one fell into a sewer and lost.

I’m an urban champion.


Image via Reddit

Vashed, similar meaning to rattled. Another word for angry, upset, pissed off, cheesed, etc. Could be used as a verb: vashing

Dave: man jeremey was chirping you really hard in gym class today.

Chad: yea I know man I’m really vashed right now.

Wingtip Wearer

Image via Urban Dictionary

Usually a middle ranking manager,often found in banking or financial services, who cares only about his own advancement irregardless, and usually at, of the expense of the consumer. Often involving the removal of useful services in the name of progress but in reality to save money and give the manager better advancement in the company

Tom: The bloody bank manager wouldn't give me an overdraft, he just wanted to sell me insurance. What a wanker!

Dave: Typical wingtip wearer!


Image via JPop Asia

Way to define something spectacular

That was a xia kind of throw


Image via Cheezburger

An exciting way of saying yes or yeah.

Yeahez, Myron's back!


Image by Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images, via NPR

The Walking Dead. Scientific name Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus.

A deceased human being who has partially returned to life due to undeterminable causes. The brain retains base facilities, namely gross motor function. In its near-mindless state, it grasps no remains of emotion, personality, or sensation of pain. In rare cases, some of the reanimated have reflexively preformed routine activities from their past lives.

The rotting bodies of the undead operate on a fraction of the level at which our bodies normally function. Circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems are unaffected by reanimation. Labored breathing, choking, and moaning are reflexive but no oxygen is carried through the blood. The nervous system functions primarily within the brain and brain stem. Sensory reception is minimal at best and seemingly unecessary in the pursuit of prey. The undead are incapable of fatigue and will persist at any cost. They will even crawl when their legs have been removed. Even if the head is removed from the body, it will continue to live. The only way to stop the reanimated is to destroy the brain. To prevent reanimation in the recently departed, decapitate the corpse and burn the body.

The only observable action a zombie takes part in is killing living creatures, especially humans, and eating them. Many theories and speculations surround this disturbing behavior. One theory is based on the thought that reanimation is the result of a contagious infection or virus, and that the primal drive to feed will spread the disease to other host bodies. Research has shown that although the majority of zombie attacks result in fatal wounds, all corpses return to life soon after passing, regardless of cause of death. Another theory is that zombies eat the brains of the living to refuel the "un-life" giving chemical serotonin. Because digestive and circulatory systems are incapable of bringing these elements to the brain, this just cannot be true. The final speculation seems the most obvious, that the dead feed for sustenance to satiate their unnatural metabolism. But because the gut has no function in the undead, this is also false. One documented encounter claims that a zombie was unable to move due to the sheer mass of undigested flesh resting in its distended gut. The creature continued to eat even after it's gut had burst open. Studies regarding the nature of feeding have proven that zombies will try to eat when their stomachs and even jaws have been removed. One explanation offers that the walking dead are the incarnation of death itself, a mockery of life that uses the vessels of the living to carry out their dark intentions, they are the opposite of life and are driven to simply undo it.

“When there's no more room in hell, the dead shall walk the earth.”

* For each letter, a word was chosen at random. And by random, I mean closing my eyes and picking one from my computer screen with my finger. Multi-word Urban Dictionary terms were searched in quotation marks. Definitions were edited with a feather duster for punctuation or clarity, but definitely not for content or potential to offend / make no fucking sense.

H/t: Animal

Lead Image via Cha.It


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