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Trade in Your Guns for Pizza at This Crime-Fighting Restaurant

The owner of D&C Pizza wants customers to give him their guns in exchange for an extra-large pie for free.

by Jelisa Castrodale
Aug 28 2016, 6:00pm

If you call Papa John's in Indianapolis, you can get one of their pan pizzas for $10. At Domino's, you can order a two-topping medium pizza for $5.99. Or at D&C Pizza, you could give the owner one of your handguns and get an extra-large pie for free. Donald Dancy, who has owned the restaurant for more than 30 years, hopes that the promise of pepperoni and cheese will be enough to get a few weapons off the streets—or maybe he just assumes that it's hard to feel murdery after you've had several slices of his hand-made pies.

D&C Pizza is on the east side of Indianapolis, in one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, according to FOX59. Dancy himself has described the location as being "like a war zone." That's what prompted him to print coupons to hand to his customers on brightly colored slips of paper that are good for one giant pizza, in exchange for bringing in any kind of gun.

"Every one of these crimes, mainly with these kids, I said 'If I could reach them with a pizza, I could save a life," Dancy told The Indy Channel. "I've got that in my heart, in my mind, that I could do it."

Although Dancy has been passing his Gun-For-Pizza meal deal coupons out, he hasn't worked out all of the details of his plan. Before he can actually collect any guns, he has to get approval from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the Marion County Sheriff's Department and the city prosecutor's office. But after that, Dancy says he'll take any gun, at any time, with zero questions asked.

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Although his idea might be slightly misguided, Dancy knows what it's like to be the victim of violent crime, having been both robbed and shot. He's also been on the other side of a police report; according to WISH-TV, Dancy spent seven years in prison. Regardless, he's not wrong with his assessment of the neighborhood—and of the city itself. Last year, Indianapolis was ranked the 10th most dangerous city in America, and its murder rate was at an all-time high. In 2015, it had 16.9 murders for every 100,000 residents.

It's up to the cops whether Dancy's customers can start cashing in those Gun-For-Pizza coupons but, who knows, it might actually work. "I've got a good pizza," he told FOX59. "And they love me too."

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