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Take a Delicious Hit of This Weed-Infused Chicken Cacciatore

This hearty chicken cacciatore recipe is loaded with life’s simplest pleasures: onions, mushrooms, olives, wine, and weed. Plus, it comes from Nonna Marijuana, the coolest grandma you never had.

by Becky Hughes
Apr 17 2017, 10:00pm

We can't all be so lucky to learn classic Italian cooking at the elbow of our grandmother. And even fewer of us have the opportunity to cook with Aurora Leveroni, a.k.a. Nonna Marijuana, the charming 91-year-old home cook who's mastered the art of weed-infused comfort food.

Our dream grandma schooled Bong Appetit host Matt Zimbric with this hearty chicken cacciatore recipe, loaded with life's simplest pleasures: onions, mushrooms, olives, wine, and weed.

Once you've got your weed butter infused, it's just a matter of browning the chicken, then giving the rest of the ingredients a quick toss in the same pan.

RECIPE: Chicken Pot-cciatore

Sure, it's not quite as easy as whipping up a firecracker, but it's pretty damn simple, and makes for a perfect potluck dish (especially for, say, an upcoming holiday known as 4/20). No pun intended.