Crack Open an Ice Cold Six Pack of Beer GIFs


May 25 2015, 6:45pm

Images courtesy the artist

Crack open a BBQ-worthy union of GIFs and grog this Memorial Day weekend with artist Ethan Barnowsky's refreshingly frothy brand of animated loops. He's spent the last six months brewing a hoppy blend of nearly 40 cartoon and live action animations that fuse grinning Mike Mills-style gremlins with ales, lagers, and exotic landscapes. 

"I'm in love with beer," Barnowsky tells The Creators Project. Since last September, he's spent two to five hours in Adobe AfterEffects and Photoshop every Wednesday, concocting a boozy new loop every week. "I felt like I needed a theme to keep my GIFs focused and to help give me creative direction, so I chose beer," he continues. "It's my tribute."

Barnowsky has been featured by both Tumblr and GIPHY for his unique take on the cold one, "Our best beer GIFs come courtesy of the brilliant GIF artist Ethan Barnowsky," GIPHY editorial director Tyler Menzel admits to The Creators Project. The best part is that, unlike the 30 rack at your neighbor's backyard grillfest, Barnowsky's GIFs won't run out. Check out his sudsy artworks in action in the GIFs below, and head over to his Tumblr for more.

See more of Ethan Barnowsky's work on his official Artist page on GIPHY.


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