'Primordial' CGI Short Explores the Origin of Life

Animators Jason Kerr, Chris Bjerre, and Peter Clark each created one separate scene in this animated take on life's genesis.

by Emerson Rosenthal
Mar 12 2015, 1:30pm

Screencap via

Primordial from PeterClark on Vimeo.

As artificial molecules collide, a dark world arises in Primordial, the new, collaboratively animated short film from Jason Kerr, Chris Bjerre, and Peter Clark. As is the case with the original primordial soup theory, life—and in this case, the animation—could only be possible through the joining of seemingly disparate forces of nature. Shown in three phases, "Emergence," "Mutation," and "Cognition," each force comes together here in the form of Kerr, Bjerre, and Clark's meeting of minds: "Each stage of Primordial has been designed and animated by separate artists and sequentially stitched together as one evolving timeline," the video description explains. The result, like life itself, is a cosmos of light, color, and sound that made possible through the power of fusion.

To learn more about how Primordial was made, check out the film's process book here

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Image courtesy the artists


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