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Viral Style: Color-Changing T-Shirts, Pens That Let You Draw In The Air, And Wearable Generators

This week's roundup of futuristic fashion and accessories.

by TCP Staff
May 2 2014, 12:45pm


Come rain, sweat or untimely ketchup stains, maharishi's latest collection is ready to take it. The UK label’s performance texture-based apparel range has been treated with 3XDRY technology (thanks to a collab with textiles brand Schoeller), creating Spring/Summer styles that are water repellent on the outside with moisture wicking capabilities on the lining. Self-cleaning Nanosphere fabric are also featured in the designs, which can be wiped clean of stains without leaving a mark (you messy thing you).


When you think of GAP, ‘fashion innovation’ might not be the first idea that springs to mind—but hey, kudos to the brand for challenging expectations, as they’ve recently collaborated with creative magazine Visionaire on a forward-thinking new T-shirt range. Utilising UV-sensitive SOLAR ink, these shirts are able to change color when exposed to direct sunlight, uplifting monochrome prints with vibrant shades. With artists like Yoko Ono, Peter Lindbergh and Alex Katz contributing graphics for the range, each piece works as a wearable work of art.


Even if you rely on your phone as your sole means of telling the time, Kenzo’s new drop of watch designs might get you to reconsider how you watch the clock. Themed around the past, present and future of the French label, nine styles range from the nouveau classic to the futuristic. Our fave has to be the unusual three-face design, available on plain black or aquatic-colored straps.


Ever dream of a world where you could confidently leave the house without your phone charger? The reality’s closer than you think. A group of researchers at KAIST have created a glass and fabric-based generator that can be worn on the body, allowing the wearer to charge his/her phone through the power of body heat. This lightweight flexible thermoelectric device can also be used to charge up smartglasses, heart monitors and other wearable tech products. You’ll never be left high and (Wi-Fi) dry again.


Another big hitter on Kickstarter right now, the CENTR camera has already proven so popular that everyone from Red Bull and National Geographic to the US army has already gotten a piece of the action. Don’t be fooled by the teeny-tiny shape; this device is one of the first pioneers of 4K resolution panoramic technology, capable of taking hyper-detailed photos through the use of four individual cameras that record 360-degree images in real-time. Other features include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, complete with a kinda cute doughnut-shaped, splash-proof design. Keep an eye out—CENTR is set to hit stores early next year.


No doubt many of you are feeling kind of over the whole 3D printing thing by now—we get it, you can print guns, pizzas and body parts, but what about practical use for the layperson? Check it: a new accessory called the LIX pen has just landed on Kickstarter, which is able to 3D-print designs instantly, effectively creating the illusion that the user is ‘drawing’ in the air. Melting and cooling coloured plastic from its hot-end nozzle, the sleek, lightweight pen can construct rigid and freestanding structures in pretty much any conceivable shape. LIX is currently the smallest 3D printing men in the world, and has already smashed its £30,000 goal—fingers crossed for Christmas eh?

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