In Japan, the Trees Are Alive with Lights and Music

teamLab gives Nature a voice in the public installation, 'Resonating Trees.'

by Annie Armstrong
Jul 2 2015, 3:45pm

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The digital gardening geniuses at Japanese art collective teamLab struck again. Their work ranges from a hanging flower garden to an LED Christmas tree, and a projection-mapped field of lilies

Resonating Trees is a sound and light installation that appeared in Nagasaki, Japan. It ebbs and flows with a rippling effect. Adding a sense of heightened awareness to your everyday walk through the park, this path of trees lights up and makes a sound corresponding to that color when a tree senses it’s being approached by a person. The trees next to it then respond to that shift in light and move to match it. Ultimately, this domino effect creates a symphonic arboretum of light that is totally unique to each person’s journey through it.

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