John Travolta as King Solomon and #UFARTED: Last Week in Art

...and a whole lot of missing, stolen, and lost art!

by Sami Emory
Aug 24 2015, 4:00pm


+ John Travolta is King Solomon, Tom Cruise is Jesus, and Prince Charles is Abel in a bowl cut: Welcome to Mansfield, Ohio’s religious wax museum filled with repurposed celebrity mannequins. [NY Daily News

+ North Carolinian artist and Sorbonne art teacher Mark Moogalian helped disrupt the attempted terror attack on a Paris-bound train last Friday, after tackling a man who "appeared strange" and returned from a long trip to the bathroom holding a gun. Moogalian was shot in the neck and sustained nerve damage, although he is reported to be at the hospital in safe condition. [artnet News]

+ An Israeli archeological organization, the Israel Antiquities Authority, will contribute rare artifacts from the Holy Land for Washington D.C.’s impending Museum of the Bible. [AP]

+ The controversial figure of George Zimmerman wants to sell you his paintings of the Confederate battle flag as a tribute to the owner of a gun supply store. [BBC]


+ Steven Spielberg’s expansive collection of Holocaust videos and 52,000 survivor interviews—resulting from his work on Schindler’s List—come to Moscow’s Jewish Museum. [The Art Newspaper]

+ Photographer David Yarrow brought a tiger, two wolves, and a bobcat into Detroit’s Packard Plant for a unanticipatedly exciting photoshoot. [Detroit Free Press]

+ A scrap metal sculpture Buster, f.k.a., Wally the Robot, was resurrected with a gun (as an added measure of self-defense) after vandals destroyed the original in Deep Ellum. [Dallas Observer]


+ More than 30,000 knots form a project created by Philadelphian artists in anticipation of Pope Francis’s visit as an allusion to the Pope’s favored painting, Mary, Undoer of Knots. [XOWX]

+ In the early hours on Thursday morning, a thief stole a Roman sandstone altar from Cubria’s Senhouse Roman Museum. [BBC]

+ Andy Warhol’s Cambell’s Soup Can and Marilyn Monroe works have vanished from Slovakia’s modern art museum dedicated to the artist. [Mirror]


+ As a continuation of her 1999 “Women” series and photobook, Annie Leibovitz will shoot portraits of important women across the globe for the next 12 months with sponsorship from UBS. [ArtNews]

+ #UFARTED: the unfortunately portmanteau-ed hashtag for University of Florida’s online master’s arts education program. [Huffington Post]



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