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Is The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" the Most Remixable Song of 2015?

These 10 top-notch re-works suggest that it might be. No Martin Garrix allowed!

by THUMP Staff
Jul 29 2015, 2:10pm

If there's two things ravers can't get enough of, it's love and drugs. That's why The Weeknd's love song to narcotics, "Can't Feel My Face," is such an endlessly remixable tune that's found itself tearing up dancefloors worldwide.

SoundCloud has been blowing up (that was a cocaine joke, by the way) with re-works of the track, and a lot of them are funky as all fuck. Turns out there are hundreds of way for your face to go numb! Check 'em out:

Blu J's bassline house remix

JayKode's future-as-fuck remix

Keljet's nu-disco re-work

Rainer + Grimm's tropico-future house cut

The Him's piano prog-house uplifter

Hello Machines sadboy poolside remix

Kero Uno's deep trap take

All Gold x Saber x Erick Diaz go full future house

Airia's trance-step remix

Jolyon Petch's club edit

The Weeknd