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Hear Curses Get All Berlin-Like On His Remix Of Luka Tacon

NYC --> TXL = RMX!!!

by Joshua Glazer
Nov 6 2015, 10:15pm

It's just how it happens. One day you're king of New York, stage diving into seething electro mosh pits and sipping Merlot with French house royalty, when you're not on the road with your band or jetting off to Vegas to play rockabilly edits to admittedly confused clubbers. The next thing you know, you're subletting a flat in the Neukölln district of Berlin and turning everything you touch into the type of big and brooding techno that keeps that whole town in the tourist business.

So it seems with Luca Venezia, the founder of the much-mourned Trouble and Bass party and label, if his remix of fellow New Yorker Luka Tacon's new tune for Plant Music, "Hard Times," is any indication. The semi-retired Drop The Lime, who continues to call himself Curses, takes the deep and delicate original—perfect for establishing the groove during the first hour of Francois K at Cielo—and turns it into a taunt techno tune ready to be played sometime after dawn at Watergate.

Stay up with the premier of the remix right here, and grab the full For The Kids EP courtesy of Plant Music on Beatport.