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Omar Souleyman’s “Darb El Hawa” Turns Sinister on This Remix By The Black Lips' Cole Alexander

The Black Lips' Cole Alexander takes the track to new reaches.

by Angus Harrison
Aug 12 2015, 2:25pm

We've had Omar Souleyman's latest record Bahdeni Nami on repeat since it was released last month. It's an electrifying record for a number of reasons. The clattering, rolling rhythms, the spiraling melodies, and the rich, bouncing production are all good examples, but perhaps most impressive is just how well Souleyman works with the catalogue of producers who appear on the record. There are tracks worked on by Four Tet, Legowelt, Modeselektor, and Giles Peterson, that all manage to strike a perfect balance — introducing each producer's stamp onto the record while keeping Souleyman's voice and intent completely in tact. The same is completely and unequivocally true of this latest remix of album track "Darb El Hawa".

On the album, it is one of the more relatively spacey, emotionally grounded points. Finding more breathing space and pathos than the likes of "Mawal Mena" or the album's title track for example. Yet, reworked by the Black Lips guitarist Cole Alexander, the track takes on a distinctly more ominous presence, building steadily in ferocity throughout. Have an exclusive listen below.

Omar Souleyman would like to extend his special thanks to Suroosh Alvi.

Omar Souleyman is also on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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