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Seth Troxler Defended Dance Culture on BBC News

The producer and DJ participated in a roundtable for BBC News.

by Britt Julious
Jan 8 2017, 5:00pm

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Seth Troxler participated in a roundtable on BBC News to discuss #SaveFabric, the appeal of the nightclub's closing, and dance music culture in general.

"I think drugs are a social problem," Troxler said. "When you look at kind of pop music today or pop culture, drugs are littered throughout the entire culture, you know, so the idea that dance music culture is to blame for drug use is completely ridiculous."

Troxler argued that drugs are used throughout our society, from casinos to bars to concerts, not just nightclubs or music festivals. He also said he believed the council that created the ruling was trying to gentrify the neighborhood and used fabric as an example.

Troxler posted the video clip to his Facebook page, adding, "Fabric is back tonight. We did it."

Watch the entire clip below.