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Aphex Twin To Play First US Show in Eight Years

The elusive IDM legend will make an appearance at Houston's Day for Night Festival.

by David Garber
Sep 13 2016, 10:30pm

Photo via Youtube.

Hold on to your Cirklon sequencers IDM fans, because the illusive pioneer known to the world as Aphex Twin has just confirmed his first U.S performance in eight long years. As Billboard reports, the artist will be performing "at some point" during Houston's forthcoming winter festival, Day for Night, which will be held over the course of December 17 and 18. Aphex Twin's last stateside performance was during Coachella in 2008, and since then he's gone on to drop a number of releases—ranging from his recent Cheetah EP, to a drunkenly released techno track, and 2014's monumental full-length Syro. The artist himself, in classically cryptic form, nodded toward his upcoming set via a snazzy Twitter GIF which you can see below. While you're at it, check out a brief history of how Aphex has long trolled his die-hard fans.

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