Clubsound Alchemists Nevermind Return with the Garage-Heavy 'Part Three EP'

Petey Clicks and Grenier collab once again on their ode to UK clublife.

Feb 20 2015, 1:42am

Nevermind, the collaborative project between BFF's and THUMP faves Grenier and Petey Clicks, has been dropping engrossing material since their first EP last year. Their output has been UK-facing, but wholly unpredictable as it weaves through techno-fied grime to dense garage and house.

Their Part Three EP, released on Trouble and Bass, is a four-track adventure that cheats influences ranging from the current future house wave to garage. "I think the main thing about this EP is that it's more focused on garage," says Grenier. "We put the grime away for this one. We play a lot of house, techno and garage in our DJ sets and smash it up with grime and old school dubstep. This EP just represents the other side of our club music fascination."

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There are two running themes to the Nevermind project. The first is a free-wheeling sensibility that roves around club sounds with an aesthetic that's as poppy as it is gritty. "I just like extremes," says Grenier. "Nevermind, to me, is all about smashing up things that aren't really supposed to go together. It kind of gets to the core of what we're all about."

The second thematic is some trippy AF cover art. This iteration features googly eyeballs suspended in a web of goop. Grenier explains the inspiration: "This really talented dude named Droon came up with the artwork for our three EPs. He's a cool guy. I gave him some very light direction and he came up with all of it. A lot of our music is kind of light and poppy at times, and I really like juxtaposing that with dark crazy artwork.'

Take a deeper look at what Nevermind are all about with a track-by-track roundup from Grenier himself on the new EP:


"This is a track that Petey had started, and for a long time I think the vocal was just kind of entertaining to us both. We always planned on replacing it, but we ended up getting really attached to it. It's as close to big room music as we've ever gotten I think, but it's still sort of tongue-in-cheek. Big tune."


"This is one I started and we finished together. I have a jungle/drum&bass background and so I love big bass lines. I also was really influenced by early UK funky when it first started coming out, I think those two vibes influence this track."


"Petey and I did this one together at 12th Planet's studio downtown LA, really early on in working together. Both me and Petey love big melodies in the Nevermind project, this was just us going in on sort of a weird summer poolside vibe track. It's a lot slower than most of our other material, but we never really think about that kind of thing when we write, we just make music we love and find fun."

"Oooh" (Dub)

"That vocal is not for everyone. Hahahaha."

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