Andrew Bayer On His New Album, NYC, Track Titles and His Love For Coldplay

We spoke to Andrew Bayer about his new album out on Anjunabeats

Apr 23 2013, 3:00am

Going into this interview, I didn't know a whole lot about Andrew Bayer besides the fact that his video had just come out and he's a rising star on Above & Beyond's very of-the-moment trance label Anjunabeats. Oh, and his twitter says that he really loves Coldplay. He is not that easy to find out about either-his Facebook bio had nothing but some text that says, "I do not take guest mix requests so please do not ask." After reading that I admit I thought "Oh no! Is Andrew Bayer going to be a total jerk?"

Upon listening to his new album,"If It Were You, We'd Never Leave" , all the way through, I can report that it's not soaring big-room trance at all, but beautifully detailed downtempo beats that are obviously made with a great deal of love and care. An album XLR8R described as "reminiscent of Dj Shadow's dreamier outings". The whole record sounds very personal, like something you put on when you come home after pumping your fists in the air all night. And the next day I met with Andrew at his studio in New York's West Village and he was one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed. So totally not a jerk...but definitely too busy making original tunes to do a mix for you.

THUMP: You are quite new to New York aren't you?
Andrew Bayer:
I came here a year ago after living in London for a while and I love it here. I have no idea where I am going at all though. Thank god I have an iphone.

Do you think living in New York has had an effect on your sound?
Yes definitely. I feel like my sound has evolved in a different way. In London my sound evolved differently too. Most of this album was actually made in London. It's similar to New York because you are always listening to your headphones on public transport and you are able to delve into what you are working on for a good 40 minutes before going in the studio to work.

What's one stupid little thing you miss about London?
(laughs) I am an east coast kid so living anywhere besides here is a bit tough but one little thing I miss is drinking in parks. In the summer that's always great. I hate that you can't do that here

I am really into the titles of the songs on both of your albums
They are ridiculous! I had a really great time getting into naming songs. I am really into Sufjan Stevens and he has some song titles that are like a paragraph long and they don't even fit into itunes. I got really into that from listening to his music so much.

Do you just name them whatever you are thinking at that second?
They are anything from random thoughts that I am having to certain references.

There's a song titled "Dedicated to Boston's Waste Management System" on your first album. What's that about?
That came up because I was working on a project at Berkley in Boston. I would be staying up until like 4 or 5 every morning working on this one tune. Then the garbage man would come and start making so much noise outside my window and that's when I would think "ok it's time to go to bed. This is your cue. Go to bed so you can go to class tomorrow". I was also recording acapella vocals at the time and there were just bits of garbage men in the background while I was trying to record and finally I was like 'fuck it' and left them.

The bio on your Facebook page just says "I do not accept guest mix requests. Please do not ask?"
I feel so horrible about that! All of that stuff is always coordinated through the people I work with so instead of me just saying no all the time I just keep that up there.

So I guess we shouldn't ask you for a mix then?
(laughs) I should change that because it's kind of aggressive.

What have you been listening to lately?
This year I have really been into this record called "Somewhere Else" by Indians. I have been listening to The National a lot and they have their new record coming out that I have already pre-ordered. I am excited about that. School girl excited. I have also been listening to the Atoms for Peace record a lot.

What is the last record you bought? The National record?
Yea! And I also bought the Jai Paul record the other night. It's so good. Apparently it's not official though. I was so happy about it.

Do you really love Coldplay?
I will freely admit that

Have you ever seen them live?
I did see them live at the Barclays Center and that's when I decided that I absolutely loved them. It was amazing. I just have never seen a show like that

Was that the last live show you have gone to in New York?
Yeah. I am going to see James Blake soon. I am looking forward to that.

Do you listen to the radio at all?
Not a whole lot. I listen to a lot of specialty shows on Radio 1 because I can catch up on them and stream them online. I am more of an album guy. If you have a new single it's not as exciting to me as getting a whole record you know?

If you had to wake up every morning to one song what would it be?
"Nude" by Radiohead.

What was hanging on your wall when you were 14?
Shit! Probably either a Michael Jackson or Paula Abdul poster

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