Ultra is Bringing the Rave to Bali

The United Nations of festivals is going to a country known for its beautiful beaches and strict anti-drug laws.

Jun 16 2015, 6:42pm

With the ever-expanding power of festival-owning companies like Live Nation, SFX, and AEG, giant music festivals continue to spread across the planet at a rapid pace. Just when you think they're already everywhere, promoters snatch up a new event site and introduce another corner of the world to the rave. Though not owned by a larger corporation, Ultra has one of the biggest festival circuits in the world. From Miami to Croatia, South Africa to South Korea—Ultra is in more locations than any of its peers.

Today, "the world's most international festival brand" has continued its quest towards global domination, this time planting their flag on the picturesque Indonesian island of Bali. The festival will take place at the Potato Head Beach Club (yes, that's its name) on September 24 and 25, and will be called Ultra Beach Bali.

Like much of the Indonesian island, Seminyak, where Potato Head is located, is a major tourist hub, known for a plethora of bars, hotels, clubs, and beaches. In recent years, Bali's tourism industry has brought an unwelcome light on Indonesia's somewhat draconian justice system, notably around the case of convicted drug smugglers who were executed by firing squad earlier this year. The group, known as the Bali Nine, caught the attention of global media and even boxer/politician Manny Pacquiao, who advocated for the their release.

Such harsh penalties stand at odds with Bali's reputation for being a peaceful respite from the rest of the world. Still, it's that reputation of paradise and hospitality that Ultra will take advantage of when Ultra Beach Bali rounds out the festival's 2015 Asian calendar, joining destinations Macau, Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Just leave your drugs at home.

Lineup is yet to be announced. Tickets will go on sale Monday, June 22 here.

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