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TT The Artist and Mighty Mark Reinvigorate Miami Bass On "Say Yeah"

The track will be released on the 'Street Bangers Factory, Vol. 6​' EP, also featuring Teklife's DJ Earl and Ed Banger's Feadz.

by Alexander Iadarola
Jan 16 2017, 8:20pm

Photo courtesy of artist

Baltimore scene stalwarts TT The Artist and Mighty Mark have shared "Say Yeah," an infectious new collaboration off the forthcoming Street Bangers Factory, Vol. 6 compilation on London imprint Moveltraxx. Put together from a Miami bass template and lyrically shouting out just every possible listener—whether they're late on their rent, need a drink, or look like Beyoncé—the track is a no-holds-barred celebration of the kind of carefree empowerment most commonly found on crowded dancefloors.

TT The Artist gave THUMP some backstory for her creative process via email. "I was inspired by a 'call and response'-style delivery when I wrote 'Say Yeah,'" she said. "I wanted to make a song that people of all backgrounds could relate and sing along to."

"TT The Artist is originally from Florida and wanted to make a Miami-style track," added Mighty Mark. "I listened to some old Trina for some inspiration, especially her song 'Pull Over.' Just wanted to make a real fun sound palette for TT to drop some heat over."

The two artists collaborated on another track last year called "Real," where they gleefully called out music industry fakes.

Street Bangers Factory, Vol. 6 also features contributions from Teklife affiliate DJ Earl, Ed Banger's Feadz, and more. It will be out February 10, and is available now for preorder.

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