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Listen to "Crac" from My Panda Shall Fly's New Tape

A dusty hip-hop loop that sounds like vintage science-fiction, lasers and all.

by Max Pearl
Jan 9 2014, 7:30pm

Man, the labels have been sending some high-concept material recently.

On Monday I scored the new LP from Francis Harris—formerly known as Adultnapper—and as I unfolded the liner notes I learned that the record was a tribute to the artist's recently deceased mother. The album shows Harris continuing to "grapple with the subjects of memory, loss and profound grief"—and doing so with musique concrète-inspired field recording techniques, no less.

Then there's this new EP from My Panda Shall Fly, a six-track cassette tape dealing in abstract hip-hop rhythms and damaged synths strokes—a tape apparently inspired by the practice of "sacred pain."

Again, the liner notes reveal that there's more to this South London experimentalist than just tricky drum patterns and attractive eyebrows: "[Sacred pain] is an extremely fascinating subject I'd found myself digging into without any real prior warning," the artist recounts. "After learning about the myriads of ways individuals endure affliction and suffering for their various beliefs across the planet, I recalled witnessing such an act for the first time when I was aged nine, in my home-town of Kandy, Sri Lanka."

Whether or not MPSF's record gets you thinking about sacred pain and self-imposed suffering, there's no denying that the dude's got swingin' futuristic grooves for days. Today we're premiering "Crac," the third track from the tape (which is also available in digital, but that's boring)—a sparse, dusty hip-hop loop that sounds like vintage science-fiction, lasers and all. Grab the release from London's Sonic Router when it's out towards the end of the month.

MPSF's Higher EP is out on January 27 in tape cassette and digital formats from Sonic Router.