Abra Calls in London Crew PRMD to Blast Some Bass Into Her Standout Track “I Guess”

The Awful Record’s songstress' croons are blessed by garage-grunge beats to produce this moody masterpiece.

Jul 21 2015, 8:04pm

The two-part London production crew PRMD remixes Awful Record's Abra's ambivalence in the track "I Guess," to a surefire "I will!" The raw holiness of Abra's vocals is given new power through the duo's dark and bass-laden beats. Simply put: this is a musical frenzy that does not conform to the status quo.

"I Guess" was already already the standout song from Abra's debut EP BLQ Velvet, released last winter. Now, the vocalist's soulful croons are matched with an edgy vibe that doesn't just add some extra pep to what was once a melancholic track, but institutes an entirely new dimension. While the lulling vocals should pull on your heartstrings like a romantic puppet-master, the soulful punching beat should really give you something to live (or dance) for.

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