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NYC Hero Eli Escobar and House of Yes' Steven Klavier Join Jubilee on Episode Five of the Pre-Game

The trio discuss making music, NYC club life, and recording albums. Plus a 45-minute guest mix from Eli himself.

by Jubilee
Jan 10 2017, 5:20pm

Illustration by Loren Purcell.

The pre-game is usually the chillest part of the night. You listen to music, kick back with some drinks, and take a moment to catch up with friends before the loud music at the club makes that impossible. Miami-born, New York-based DJ and producer Jubilee is turning her pre-game routine into a biweekly THUMP podcast, where she plays her favorite new music, hangs out with friends, and asks them to share what they've been working on and listening to.

Tune in every two weeks for an intimate chat with some of the DJs, producers, music writers, vocalists, rappers, and other club world personalities whose disparate perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and unique sounds comprise the unique melting pot that is New York's club scene. The city has a deep history of dance music—the Pre-Game is about the people who keep it alive.

This week's episode of The Pre-Game is a New York City affair with DJ and producer Eli Escobar and singer/songwriter Steven Klavier, who also runs House of Yes in Brooklyn. Escobar had a really special year in 2016 between his album Happiness being released and all the touring he has done. House of Yes just reached a full year of being open so it is safe to say that Steven has had a good one as well.

The trio about Escobar's recording process, his album influences, the song that Steven and Escobar, coincedentally, recorded together together, as well as playing one's own music during DJ sets. The trio also discuss making music based around your feelings—whether dark or light—and the differences between working from home and out of the studio.

After some serious talk, Jubilee asks Steven about his experience getting fired from a tanning salon for throwing after-hours parties, and how exactly he wound up in NYC in the first place. Then Eli takes us all to church with a 45 min set of house goodness. Check out the whole stream below as well as on iTunes.

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