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It's Time to Get Bold with Brassfoot's Exclusive Mix

The UTTU affiliated producer steamrolls through an hour of low slung house on our first mix of 2016.

by Josh Baines
Jan 6 2016, 3:09pm

With 2016 in full flow —sort of, kind of, maybe, ah, actually, please sir, can we have another few days off work— we've received our first batch of upfront club ready no-nonsense goodness courtesy of DJ Haus' unstoppable Unknown to the Unknown imprint.

Late last year we brought you an exclusive listen to new material from London based producer Brassfoot, courtesy of his UTTU unleashed After Dark EP. This time round he's decided to wake us all up from our Pringle and port induced comas with an hour or top notch, top tier house music. Check it out below, and read our interview with the man himself.

THUMP: How was last year? What as the best record you heard, film you saw, and meal you ate?
It was a blast! I was fortunate enough to travel quite a lot last year and share my sounds with some of the coolest, most inspiring party people out there. My favourite record of 2015 would have to be Breakplus' "Instant Bull". That shit is right up my street. I dont watch a lot of contemporary cinema, so my favourite film of 2015 would have to be something that I only got round to watching in 2015, which was David Lynch's Lost Highway (1997). Some darkness at work in that one, great film. My favourite meal would have to have been from an amazing restaurant I went to, called FEBO in Morishita, Tokyo. They shut the doors to the public, so it was just me and two friends dining and drinking with the owners. They perfectly grilled three different cuts of steak, made us some mystical salad and an almost alchemic dessert! That was definitely something quite special!

What's the perfect environment for this mix?
This mix is definitely one for being on the move. Music for the getaway driver in a modern remake of a classic blaxploitation movie or something. It's got a funky Hip-House vibe to it, but if you're not shaking a leg or clapping your hands then it's the perfect sound to drive (responsibly) fast to, I guess.

What's the best thing about working with the UTTU crew?
UTTU are all about that energy, right? So they are all super easy to work with. DJ Haus got in touch when he was digging around Soho and wanted to know where exactly to pick up my record. We got chatting from that point and then we ended up transerring that energy into the After Dark record we just dropped.

What's one thing you love that you don't want anyone else to get into?
There honestly isn't anything I love more right now than just making music and being in the right company. So that's the kinda thing I would wish for everyone to be able to enjoy too, maybe not necessarily with me, but with each other. Create that space in your life or even just in your head that is conducive to you creating more. I wouldn't keep that away from anyone.

Tell me about the best dream you had last year.
I don't normally remember my dreams straight away. They generally come back to me during the day when I least expect it. My last really weird one was about being trapped in a room, like Cube, with a bunch of strangers that I didn't really like and desperately trying to escape. Each time I found a way out of one room, I ended up in another room, trying to make sense of whatever challenge it presented. You know the kind of dreams where you're either being chased or pursued and the scenery keeps changing and becoming more and more intense. Maybe I'll explain it all in a music video or film some day...

Here's a PDF of the tracklist for the mix, too, courtesy of the man himself:

You can grab the After Dark EP right here.

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