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Get Fit with These FUEL Recipes

The odds are that you are not pushing your body to the edge with food like athletes at the outer limits of fitness. But now you can!

by Munchies Staff
Jan 17 2016, 6:00pm

You might think you eat a lot because you pig out every once in awhile, or indulge in the occasional junk food binge.

But the odds are that you are not pushing your body to the edge like athletes at the outer limits of fitness.

John Joseph is the frontman of hardcore band the Cro-Mags, and the only thing that is more hardcore than his music is the strict vegan diet that he uses to fuel performances and the numerous Iron Man competitions he enters every year. Joseph also claims to have fooled more than a few carnivores with his recipe for meatless teriyaki chick'n burritos, which can be found in his book Meat Is for Pussies.

RECIPE: Vegan Teriyaki Chick'n Burritos

But for those who really can't do away with meat, there is always Robert Oberst's Strongman Pasta Asciutta, which contains sausage, ground beef, salsa, and a mix of whatever pasta shapes you want. Weighing in at almost ten pounds, it's perfect for a holiday dinner party, or just for yourself, if you're on a 20,000-calorie Strongman diet.

RECIPE: Strongman Pasta Asciutta

Sumo wrestlers may not have a what you would call an athletic athletic, but the way the way they eat sure is athletic. And within sumo subculture, there is one dish which is the undefeated champ and it's chanko-nabe, the hearty meatball stew that gets sumo wrestlers fired up for one-on-one combat.

RECIPE: Chanko-Nabe

The list of ingredients is a long as you would expect, given that Byamba Ulambyar's daily intake is about 10,000 calories, but prep is minimal and it's a one-pot-wonder.