Be Your Own Devil's Advocate in This Free Nazi-Shooter

'Dialogue 3D' asks you about shooting nazis. While they kill you.

by Cameron Kunzelman
Feb 15 2017, 7:43pm

There are few groups safer to shoot in video games than literal Nazis. They performed genocidal ethnic cleansing, targeting Jews, Romani, the disabled, the non-heteronormative, Eastern European civilians, and multitudes of others who they deemed "enemies" who needed to be eliminated for the good of their future ethno-state. Attempting to even grasp the scale leaves one grasping for equivalent numbers.

The Slovene writer and Holocaust survivor Boris Pahor suggested that we not even try. Instead, he suggested, we should just recognize that we now live in Crematoria, an entire world defined by mass death and nearly nothing else.

And so the World War II shooter, a well-loved genre, has had no problem putting this ideology on display so that it can be triumphed over again and again. However, in our contemporary discourse, there has been some hand-wringing over whether it is alright to punch a Nazi. Is it okay to threaten an ideology that advocates for the systematic denial of rights and life from anyone who isn't white?

Header and all Dialogue 3D screens courtesy of Ramsey Nasser

Is it alright to demonstrate, with force, that those who would advocate for a world where Nazism is the dominant ideology are not welcome within civic discourse? What would Nazi shooting game Wolfenstein 3D look like if id Software made it it today's political climate?

Ramsey Nasser has solved that question for us. Every time you pull the trigger, you get to work through a complicated ethical calculus to determine if it is alright to enter into armed conflict with an ideology that believes white people are a supreme race that should be able to grind the rest of the world's peoples into dust.

You get to be your own thinkpiece pundit: Does fighting that Nazi turn you into the real bad guy? Does protecting the dignity and lives of those that the Nazis would rob of their possessions, put into camps, and slowly eliminate make you the true unethical and evil villain? Dialogue 3D helps you solve that brutally difficult problem.

Dialogue 3D is available to play online and as a download at itch.

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