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Listen to Lana Del Rey's New Single, "Love," Which Is Extremely Sultry

Is it sultry? You bet. Are there shades of Enya? Kinda!

by Alex Robert Ross
Feb 18 2017, 10:38pm

After a series of posters hinting at new music popped up in Los Angeles on Friday, Lana Del Rey finally returned with new music today. "Love" is the first full song from the New Yorker since 2015's Honeymoon LP and the first sign of Del Rey's voice since she guested on The Weeknd's Starboy at the end of 2016.

"Love" is, of course, sultry and slow and shamelessly cinematic. So, Del Rey is at her best. There are welcome shades of Enya in the strings and timpani, Del Rey's voice sounds as though its made out of treacle and honey and just a little bit of blood, and by the end, it's hard to resist the fatal romance of it all.

Listen to the track below. But maybe turn the lights off first.

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