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This Spot Prawn Ceviche Is the Most Refreshing Thing You'll Eat This Weekend

You've probably made a few ceviches before, but try this spot prawn variation from chef Ned Bell of Vancouver's YEW Seafood + Bar.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 9 2016, 2:00pm

As you can tell from the MUNCHIES recipe catalog, we love ceviche. It's the idiot-proof dish that basically just requires raw fish, limes, and chilies; a few minutes of marinating; and a false sense of accomplishment from throwing stuff into a bowl and then waiting around for a bit. It's the culinary equivalent of hatching Sea-Monkeys, but with a much tastier payoff.

Also, it's delicious. Every bite features a punch of hot chili spice, followed by tart citrus cutting through the buttery, sweet fish like a knife. No kitchen appliances are required, or even overnight prep. It's the meal you make when you want to be fancy like a Real Housewife, but have the cooking competency of a Real Housewife.

That's why we have how-to's on octopus ceviche, lobster ceviche, Peruvian ceviche with sweet potato mash, , and grilled grouper ceviche. You can eat them anywhere: at home, on a boat in Peru, in tacos on the streets of Paris, or at a restaurant where you're having a confrontation dinner with a frenemy.

And to this collection, we're adding this spot prawn ceviche recipe from chef Ned Bell of YEW Seafood + Bar at Vancouver's Four Seasons hotel. With more people becoming aware that most of the shrimp being consumed in the world is everything awful, chefs are turning to sustainably caught spot prawns caught off the coast of British Columbia. They also taste much sweeter and more tender than the black tiger variety.

RECIPE: Spot Prawn Ceviche

Spot prawns can be found frozen year-round, but at this time of year they can be found fresh at fishmongers. We're all about sustainability here, so if you can't find spot prawn, Bell offers suggestions on what other seafood you can use without wiping out Ariel's aquatic kingdom.

And did we mention that spot prawn tastes a lot better than Sea-Monkeys?