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This Vegan Sandwich Is the Best Way to Do Meat-Free BBQ

Think vegan food is boring? Prepare to lose your mind and thrill your tastebuds with this mega-umami barbecue mushroom sandwich from Chef Chris Rubinstein.

by Munchies Staff
Jan 2 2017, 6:00pm

Don't be fooled by the highly sus sunflower-seed loaf your college roommate used to make. Vegan food is super legit.

Fire up the grill (which we're hoping you've been giving some proper attention this summer) and make Chef Chris Rubinstein's exceptionally delicious—and totally plant-based—mushroom sandwich. First, he smokes and pulls trumpet mushrooms to give them a delightfully meaty texture. Then, he douses them with barbecue sauce, lightly caramelizes them, and tops them with a homemade spicy kale slaw on a nice big bun.

RECIPE: Barbecue Mushroom Vegan Sandwich

Just don't forget some extra napkins. You're about to get your guilt-free Carl's Jr. commercial on.