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Raär Brings Moodymann's Wisdom to His New Track, "All I Know All I See"

The French producer shares the "raw acid tool" from his forthcoming split release on Who's Susan, due out April 28.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Apr 20 2017, 5:07pm

Artwork courtesy of the label

The last time THUMP heard from Who's Susan, the Netherlands-based label was prepping its Congrats Intention EP from Parisian producer Doline. Today, they're sharing a track from their newest release, When She's Sports Casual, a split release between lo-fi-loving Frenchman Raär and UK artist Rick Sheen.

Aside from a mix for Susan's Who's Susaning podcast, the four-tracker is Sheen's first appearance on the label proper; as for Raär, he helped christen Susan last year with his track "Santori" for the imprint's debut release. On Sports Casual, he offers up more of his gritty house and techno beginning with "All I Know All I See," a moody tune that Raär tells THUMP arose from his wanting a "raw acid tool to play at a club."

The thumping track bubbles around deep, drawling vocals that heads can easily identify as Detroit's own Kenny Dixon Jr., a.k.a. Moodymann. "All I Know All I See," Raär explains further, samples a rare lecture Moodymann gave at Red Bull Music Academy in London in 2010. Listening to Dixon Jr. speak, it's understandable how his words can strike a chord in up-and-coming producers: "I am not into this to impress anybody, I am into this for my own heart and soul," he asserted. "A lot of people, after work, you go home you take a bath... I go home and I fuck that motherfucking MPC all fucking night."

Listen to Raär's "All I Know All I See" below, and head here to pre-order When She's Sports Casual ahead of its April 28 release.

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