Cameroon Win Africa Cup of Nations With Stunning Goal from Vincent Aboubakar

Cameroon broke the 1-1 tie against Egypt with a superlative series of touches from substitute Vincent Aboubakar.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Feb 5 2017, 9:55pm

Cameroon went into this year's Africa Cup of Nations final as clear underdogs against seven-time champions Egypt. But after a grueling 88 minutes, Cameroon broke the 1-1 tie with a superlative series of touches from substitute Vincent Aboubakar that resulted in the exquisite volley, above. It's simply gorgeous.

Egypt went up in the first half in the 22nd minute with a shot that blasted straight over the head of Cameroon's keeper from close range. (It was somewhat reminiscent of Landon Donovan's against Slovenia in the 2010 World Cup, if I do say so myself.) But after the half, Cameroon tucked in a nifty header in the 59th minute to draw level.

But clearly, the crown jewel of the night was Aboubakar's goal. The Beşiktaş striker's first takedown touch to deaden the long ball was extremely well played, but nothing compares to his second touch, which was truly inspired. Just a little flick to lob it over the head of his defender, changing directions and expectations to play the ball to a volley that hopped delightedly into the side netting.

Aesthetics aside, their victory is being heralded as a improbable and wonderful:

Oh, and if you really need an American football tie in today—you Super Bowl gluts—I guess you could say that Ndamukong Suh (whose father was a semi-pro footballer in Cameroon) is probably pretty happy today. Oh, and the entire country of Cameroon too.